Web Application Development Services - Ottawa

Custom web application development using a database driven web site is a powerful way to serve dynamic content to your customers, business partners and employees. A website powered by a database such as Microsoft SQL Server lets users browse a product catalog, search online and produce customized reports.

We specialize in web application development using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server.

Distributing Information with a Database driven Website

Web applications are an excellent method of providing information internally to employees, and externally to customers. Reports displayed as web pages can be viewed from any location that has access to the internet by setting up a web server that connects to your database. Access to the system can be controlled by a security system.

Improve Quality of Service to your Customers

A database driven website can help to provide better service to your customers. Your customers can access information directly over the internet without having to wait on the phone to talk to a Customer Service Rep. The web application can query your company database to find out the status of orders or the wait time on jobs.

Collecting Information with a Web Application

A web application provides an alternative to a manual process of collecting information. Instead of getting letters, faxes, phone calls and emails, your clients or users can connect to a web application using their web browser and enter the information directly. Allowing customers to enter information directly reduces the amount of time your employees spend gathering data from customers.

Work Anywhere Anytime

A dynamic website using Microsoft .NET can enable remote access to databases and applications from the other side of the country or around the world.

Ease of Deployment and Maintenance

All that is required to use a database driven website is a web browser, which has become standard desktop software. There are no setup files or installation CD's to send out to customers or staff to get a web application up and running. Simply enter the address of the website and it can be accessed immediately.

Ease of deployment also provides advantages when the application is distributed and the users of the application are located remotely. Any development changes made to the web application are displayed immediately, again getting rid of the need for setup files and application updates on CD.

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